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Avoid last minute video production!

Even in a last minute scenario, the nature of video production requires you to start with a plan. This is because you will certainly be tight for time while actually shooting.

Another reality within video production is there will always be a certain level of trial and error. You need that wiggle room when creating something unique to your company’s brand.

Production costs will go up, in relation to how badly you’re pressed for time.

But as long as you’re working with a professional production company, the quality of your content will always be great.

What you should have done:

  • Form a plan several months in advance, even longer if you require several videos to be made.
  • Write a script and shot list for each video.
  • Establish a timeline .
  • Setup a meeting prior to the shoot with the client and production company
  • Establish reasonable expectations

What you have to do now that it’s too late:

1) Appoint a trusted member of your team to make decisions. It’s crucial for one person to take on any project as their baby. But in a time crunch in particular, you no longer have the luxury to make decisions as a committee. They must be trusted and available to communicate with the hired production company.

2) A pre production meeting, even if it’s only over zoom or on the phone, to go over the plan, goals, and challenges surrounding the project. They should be able to offer you realistic solutions and set up a timeline.

3) Be quick and efficient in your feedback and don’t hesitate to share feedback or to ask stupid questions. Always better to do it sooner than later. Once the project is shot it may be too late.

4) Work with a production company you can trust! A talented and experienced team can make even the tightest of deadlines work.

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